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About UKCensusData.com

The UK Census Data website exists to fill a gap in the market. There are plenty of websites which do all kinds of fancy presentations of data from the 2011 census, and, at the other end, the raw data is freely available for those who want to download the csv files and do their own data manipulation.

What's missing is something in the middle: a simple, easy to access interface into the raw data. And that's what this website is for.

All the data here is presented exactly as it appears in the raw data files. No other processing has been carried out (other than rounding off percentages to four decimal places), and the primary data presentation is just the plain numbers. For those who like graphs and charts to look at, there are also a couple of visualisations based on the Google Chart API, but that's about it.

You can either start from the top and drill down through the various levels of geographic areas, or use the postcode search to pinpoint a location. At each level, you can see the data for that area in a simple tabular format.


This website currently contains data from the 2011 census in England and Wales. Data from the 2011 census in Scotland is published in a completely different format, and would therefore require effectively a completely separate interface into it. At the moment, therefore, Scotland is not included. Given sufficient circular tuits this may change eventually.

Data Sources

All the census data used on this site is from the ONS download page at http://www.nomisweb.co.uk/census/2011/bulk/r2_2. Geospatial data (boundaries and area centres) is from http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/guide-method/geography/products/census/spatial/2011/index.html.

Copyright and Licence

All census and boundary data used on this site is re-used under the terms of the Open Government Licence.

Contains National Statistics data © Crown copyright and database right 2012

Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2012

Google Maps are used under the terms of the Google Maps API.


UKCensusData.com is a Good Stuff website.

You can contact the administrator of this website by email at 'info{at}UKCensusData.com' (making the obvious substitution to turn that into a valid email address).

Geeky Stuff

For those that care about such things, this site is built on an open source platform using Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL. The underlying design is based on a lightweight object-oriented codebase utilising Savant3 as a templating framework.