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Census Output Areas within Brockley

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Brockley E00174011
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Brockley E00174016
Brockley E00174022
Brockley E00174025
Brockley E00174027
Brockley E00174032
Brockley E00174033

Brockley is categorised by the Office of National Statistics as Multicultural Metropolitan: Inner City .

Key Stats

All Residents:17,156
Number of households:7,435
Average household size:2.20
Residents in households:16,511
Residents in communal living:645
Area (hectares):169
Population density (people per hectare):101.70

Detailed Stats

Religion (detailed) (QS210EW)


All categories: Religion 17156
Christian 7680
Buddhist 253
Hindu 315
Jewish 38
Muslim (Islam) 987
Sikh 33
Other religion: Total 133
Other religion: Animism 1
Other religion: Baha'i 3
Other religion: Believe in God 10
Other religion: Brahma Kumari 0
Other religion: Chinese Religion 0
Other religion: Church of All Religion 0
Other religion: Confucianist 1
Other religion: Deist 2
Other religion: Druid 0
Other religion: Druze 0
Other religion: Eckankar 3
Other religion: Heathen 0
Other religion: Jain 6
Other religion: Mixed Religion 12
Other religion: Mysticism 0
Other religion: Native American Church 0
Other religion: New Age 0
Other religion: Occult 2
Other religion: Own Belief System 1
Other religion: Pagan 17
Other religion: Pantheism 1
Other religion: Rastafarian 14
Other religion: Ravidassia 0
Other religion: Reconstructionist 0
Other religion: Satanism 1
Other religion: Scientology 0
Other religion: Shamanism 2
Other religion: Shintoism 1
Other religion: Spiritual 12
Other religion: Spiritualist 11
Other religion: Taoist 2
Other religion: Theism 0
Other religion: Thelemite 1
Other religion: Traditional African Religion 3
Other religion: Unification Church 0
Other religion: Universalist 1
Other religion: Vodun 0
Other religion: Wicca 9
Other religion: Witchcraft 1
Other religion: Zoroastrian 0
Other religion: Other religions 16
No religion: Total 6054
No religion: No religion 5873
No religion: Agnostic 24
No religion: Atheist 20
No religion: Free Thinker 0
No religion: Heavy Metal 3
No religion: Humanist 12
No religion: Jedi Knight 122
No religion: Realist 0
Religion not stated 1663

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